Wednesday, 9 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day Pasties.

It's not long before St. Patrick's Day next week.  If you're celebrating the event, it's traditional in Ireland to have corned beef and cabbage.  Here's a great recipe to help the party go down well. 

Top tip.  These pasties are best made on a Monday when you have left over vegetables from the Sunday dinner.
For the pastry.                              For the filling.

8oz Plain Flour                                 Tin of corned beef.
2oz stork margarine                           mashed potatoes.
2oz trex lard.                                      vegetables. carrots, suede, peas, cabbage.

Beaten egg for glazing.                                                            curry powder if you like it.
Pinch of salt.                                  

Cut the fat into small squares, and rub into flour with salt.  Handle lightly with cold hands.  Make a well in the centre, and add cold water slowly and mix with a cold knife until it combines together.  Don't overdo the water.  Knead gently until it sticks into a ball.  Chill in the fridge while you combine the filling.  Mash all the vegetables together, season with salt and pepper, curry powder will give the pasties a tang if you like it.  Mix a small amount of gravy into the filling to stop the corned beef from going too dry.

Four a board, divide the pastry into four.  Roll out one of the pieces, then place a side plate over the pastry and cut round it.  Fill the circle with veg and corned beef, then using a pastry brush, paste the edge of the circle with egg wash.  Seal the pasty up and then paste egg wash all over.  Repeat with the other three.  Bake on a greased tray in a hot oven for 20 - 30 minutes or until they look and smell yummie.

Allow them to cool, and see how long it is before they've dissapeared.  Guaranteed to send St.Patrick's Day off with a smile.
I would have a picture, but they weren't around long enough.

Here's a grumpy pansy instead.

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