Saturday, 30 April 2011

Versatile Blog award.

Now it's time to pass the versatile blog award on to seven blogs I like.  Here they are, with no obligations to pick them up if you don't want to.

Sally Jenkins.  Always lots of useful information to find on Sally's blog.

Pat Postner.  It was Pat who wrote those My Little Pony stories that our daughter loved reading.  Looking forward to her latest tales from Hingle.

Carola Dunn.  For those lovely Daisy Dalrymple mysteries.

Gail Crane.  Always interesting news to read on Gail's blog.

Lynn Hackles.  For all the advice and good fun.

Bob Scotney.  A fellow member of writelink, who has nominated me for the May Writer of the Month on writelink.

Maureen Vincent Northam.  Always full of helpful advice, and a fellow member of Writelink.  Maureen and Lorraince Mace's book ABC Writer's Checklist is one of my favourite reference books that I keep to hand.  here is Maureen's blog.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Versatile Award.

How cute is this award?  Thanks to Rosemary Gemmell for sending me this.  So now I need to put seven things you may like to know about me.  Then pass it on to seven people. 

1.  I love growing salad.  We have a greenhouse full of lettuce and baby tomatoes.  Once you've grown your own crunchy, tasty offerings there'll be no going back.  We have salad on the side with everything, except egg and chips of course.

2.  Once I wrote my autobiography.  It took around two years, and got a bit too involved for comfort.  It was interesting to do, but eventually got burned in our coal fire.

3.  This year I'm growing chrysanths.  I've had them before, but not grown them from tiny cuttings.  There's a specialist called Woolmans.  Looking forward to lots of cut flowers later on in the year.

4.  I've recently created a website.  You can have a look at it here.  It's still in the process of being updated and perfected, which may take some time.

5.  One of my favourite authours is Alexander McCall Smith.  I'm currently reading Miracle at Speedy Motors.  One in the long list of The No 1 Ladie's Detective series.  Escapist luxury.

6.  Earl Grey tea is my favourite drink as well as Red bush tea.   Off to make one as soon as I've written this list.

7.  Blogging is wonderful.  Thanks to all blogging friends who read my ramblings.  It's great fun to read other writers' blogs and learn something new every day.


I will pass this on to seven blogs I love next week. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Story on Cafe website.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, you'll end up with this little lot.

My story is on the Creative cafe project website here . 

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spring Fever runner up.

My poem Love in a Rainbow has made it into the Spring Fever anthology due to be published in the autumn.  I came somewhere in the top ten I think.  Thanks for all who commented and voted for me. 

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I've just noticed a competition on 'What the Dickens' website.  250 wds, to the theme of 'Parting is such sweet sorrow.'  Entry deadline is 1st May.  Off to think up some ideas for this now.  The prize is £10.00 worth of goodies from the website.  I like everything there, so must have a go at this one.  Good luck to anyone who tries it.

Monday, 11 April 2011

That's Life.

I have a letter in That's Life.  It's on the page with You've got Mail on top, near the back.  It's a story about a dog, or a man being mistaken for a dog.  They've called it Tea Rex.  Marc Bolan and T.Rex happens to be some of my favourite music, so I'm thrilled about them calling it that. 

That's Life.

I only sent it in a month ago, they told me they'd let me know if they use it.  They didn't let me know, but a cheque for £20.00 arrived on Saturday, so how great is that?

Keep sending out letters, it's a good way to keep practicing the writing, and earn a few quid at the same time.  Great thing about That's Life is, you can email the letter in, therefore saving on postage and envelopes.

Here's the chap who inspired this story, it is true, but a different dog.

Would you like a cup of Tea Rex?

Friday, 8 April 2011

Writing from Life by Lynne Hackles.

Browsing among my bookshelf recently, I spotted a book by my blogging friend Lynn Hackles.  Writing from Life is all about how to turn your life into work that will sell.

It was interesting to read that Lynn had her first acceptance by Woman's Realm, same as me.  My letter was about garden thistles which looked unsightly.  As a gardener, I try to find a beauty in all plants.  For instance it's the emblem for Scotland.  Maybe someone from Scotland lived in our house before us, I doubt it though as this was a really ugly thistle.  I cut them, dried them in the shed, then sprayed them silver, and they were a unique Christmas decoration.  That letter earned £5.00.

Lynne's book is full of tips and great advice such as keeping a track on what you send out, where you've sent it and shopping for characters.  I'm lucky as I work in a shop.  I call it 'the little shop of inspirations.'  A lady came in the other day, one of those who looks like a man dressed as a woman, in a tight leopardskin coat, fake tan, tons of jewellery, bleached blond hairdo.  She was looking for someone, then went on to tell me she was 'bursting' for the toilet.  She seemed a bit strange to me, so I sent her along to the hairdressers up the way.  I thought of Writing from Life, and immediately knew she would go in the little book when she'd gone.

There is so much information and useful chapters to the book.  Every writer should have a copy on their bookshelf.  I'm sure everyone has it already.  If not, I would recommend it highly.  Thanks Lynn for writing this. 

After reading Lynn's book, I wrote a couple of letters and sent them out.  Surprise surprise, today I came home to a £20.00 cheque.  I've had to make an enquiry as to which letter it is.  Will keep you informed.  So now I have a character for my next story.  Watch this space...