Friday, 24 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Angel of East Anglia.

My article 'Angel of East Anglia' is being published in 'The Great War' magazine January issue.


The programme 'Come rain, Come shine' starring David Jason on Monday night was another great drama for one of our favourite actors.  I hope that this is the first of many.  It showed him back with his Peckham accent, but this time he was a retired docker, again the genuine family man.  The programme left you wondering what happened to the characters next.  Looking forward to seeing more of this series.

Also next week actor Nicholas Lyndhurst appears as 'Freddie the Frog.'  Del and Rodney's Mum's boyfriend.  (Rodney's proper father).  We go back to the sixties with 'Rock and Chips'.  All about how 'Fools and Horses' originated.

We will always remember 'Fools and Horses' but it's good to see those two favourites moving on in their own individual ways.  These two dramas may turn out to be classic favourites just the same.   

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Try a new genre for 2011

Try new genres in 2011,
Write about health and the beauty of Devon.
Create a crime solving detective,
With spikey hair and studs in both cheeks,
Try some poetry and tips for the week.

Whatever you do, write every day,
Send out ideas and maybe some jokes.
Animal stories and practical tips,
Write about finance or memorable day trips.

All in all it's just a plan,
I'll try to stick to it if I can.
New genres would be good,
Better that being stuck in the mud.

Some of my favourite web sites.

Blogs I follow.  Patsy Collins.
                        Sally Quillford.
                         Teresa Ashby.