Monday, 16 May 2011

Write something down everyday.

Here's a poem I wrote for a competition when I hadn't got a clue what to write.  It didn't win, can't think why?

Write it down.

Write something down every day,

I’ve read in all the books.

To succeed as a writer,

Is harder than it looks.

From when I was seven,

In Enid Blyton heaven.

I’d made up my mind,

To write books of that kind.

Rupert Bear lived his life in rhyme,

Speaking poetry all the time.

It looks easy, so here we go,

I don’t know what to put though.

If I wrote as much as I read

About writing, I would have written

Ten novels by now.

Keep writing things down,

Even if they doesn’t make sense,

Just put words onto the page,

Grow up and act your age.

But I still like those fairy stories of long ago.

That began with ‘Once upon a time’.

Hopefully they’ll make a comeback,

Like pink nougat and ginger wine.

I’ll enter a poetry competition,

And read up on the judge.

Maybe she’s a lot like me,

And loves vanilla fudge.

Or perhaps she’ll have gone to sleep,

Reading heaps of bleep bleep bleep.

She must get paid lots of money,

Or like pooh bear, preferring honey.

Or the judge may be a man,

Reading poems, fast as he can.

At the end of the slush and gub,

Grabs his coat, then off to the pub.

This writing game is wonderful,

It clears my mind completely.

I only hope to completely, complete

My novel one day.

But for now, I enclose this.


  1. Well that cleverly encapsulated everything about the writing life, Suzy!

  2. Rosemary's right - just about says it all! Well done, Suzy.

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    That was me on a day of blank mind, I enjoyed writing it.

  4. Thanks Frances,
    I do quite like automatic writing, just to see what evolves.

  5. I agree - it describes how it feels to be a writer.

  6. Thanks for commenting Patsy. I love writing things down, even if they only make sense to me. When I sell something that's a real bonus.

  7. Hi Suzy

    Great poem.

    And I wanted to confirm your Minxy prize was posted off earlier today. I wonder if I could ask you to please send me a quick email when it arrives? suzanne(at)
    I tend to worry about things going missing in the post :0)

    Thank you

    Suzanne X

  8. Hi Suzanne,
    Certainly will do, so much looking forward to it. Thanks for popping by.

  9. Shame the poem didn't win. I wish I could live by it's mantra of writing something every day - it should be easy shouldn't it?
    (Does commenting on this blog count as writing?!)

  10. Hi Sally,
    Certainly commenting on blogs is writing. Anything that gets us to think and put words on the page is writing. I have diarys full of weather on that day, what I had for breakfast, and who is annoying me on that day. Surprising what we can come up with when we put our minds to it. Then again, I'm just an old moaner. Now I'm going to go on the Myslexia website and post a rant. I'm quite good at those.

  11. Wonderful, just wonderful. I can't understand why it didn't win. Like the other bloggers said, It has everything in it.

    Good luck with your novel.

    The writing magazine has a competition for adult fairy story... When it comes up I'll let you know.

  12. Hey Jarmara,
    This sounds right up my street. I love any fairy stories. Just because we grow up in years, doesn't mean we can't still believe in magic. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck with your novel too.

  13. Suzy, I'm tagging you! If you pop over to my blog, hopefully all is explained ...