Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tagged by Patsy.

Hi Everyone,
I've been tagged by Patsy.  So now I need to reply to some questions, then tag three suspects.  Here we go.

Q1.  Do you think you're hot?

A.  Yes I would say so.

Q. 2.  Upload a picture or wallpaper you're using at the moment.

A.  Aren't fuchias beautiful?  Like pretty flamingos.

Q3.  When did you last eat chicken?

A.  Yesterday.  Cooked in gravy with onions, herbs and served with mash, carrots and peas.  Who thought up these questions???

Q4. The song you listened to recently.

A.  A night like this by Caro Emerald.  On her new C.D. Brilliant.  Wonderful music puts you in mind of the forties.

Q5.  What are you thinking as you do this?

A  I should be going to watch the apprentice and get some sweets and a cup of tea.

Q6.  Have you any nicknames?
A.  My daughter calls me minature mum.  Niece calls me chuck, quite a lot call me sweet pea. 

Now to nominate three blog pals to tag.

Here we go.

Teresa Ashby for those lovely stories
Jarmara Falconer for always being so caring.
Bob Scotney, for nominating me as Writer of the month for May on Writelink.


  1. Don't know who thought up the questions - bit random, aren't they?

    I like fuchias too (and most other flowers)

  2. Please could we have the chicken recipe? I know about peas and carrots (and mash).

  3. Unusual questions :-) Great answers!

  4. That was fun reading your answers, Suzy!

  5. Thank you, Suzy - I'll be getting on with that soon :-) Loved your answers - and your nicknames!

  6. Hi Patsy,
    They certainly are random questions, I'm wondering if they'll change as they get passed around like that game. My favourite flowers are sweet williams and pinks, but I like all kinds same as you.

    Hello Frances,
    Chicken recipe goes like this.
    Place chicken in glass dish with chopped onion, drizzle of olive oil and herbs from the garden - parsley, rosemary, thyme and chives chopped finely. Add chicken oxo, and ground black pepper. Cook for ten minutes, then add half a pint of water. Stirring and turning the chicken as you go. Then mix up some bisto and cornflour in a glass dish, stir in among the chicken with another half a pint of water. Did you watch Gordon Ramsay's cookery in Malaysia programme the other night? He was asking the 'aunties' as the ladies were known how much and what quantities, they got impatient with him and told him, 'It's all about 'aga aga' which is as you wish. My cooking is very aga aga, but it tastes yumchious. So there you have it, chicken in gravy. I would read a book on Titch.

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for stopping by, great to read your comments. Watch out, you may be next. Would be good if the questions changed a bit as they go round. I'm sure they will.

    Hello Rosemary,
    Thanks for your comments, It was quite fun, even if slightly daft. I'm looking forward to buying your book when it comes out as a book. I'm old fashioned like that. I went onto Amazon, but I haven't got a kindle, so I'm waiting for when it's an actual book. Please let me know if I miss it.

    Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for commenting, I should have come over and let you know about the tag game. I ran out of computer time last night. Glad you've seen it. Nicknames are funny aren't they. I have been called some that are not printable.

  7. Hi Suzy. Thank you for tagging me. I've just posted my answers.

  8. I LOVE The Apprentice :o)

    My daughter calls me minimum, which is kind of similar. Well I am rather short!

  9. Hi Karen,
    Who do you think will win? I think Leon or the Northern girl. How about that finger pulling trick? Smoothie or what?