Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wordpress is working again now.

Glad to say that my wordpress blog is back working. It makes me glad to have this cheery little spot as well though, so I'm going to be using it at least once a month, and I have some good news.

I've just received an email to say that on Thursday, in That's Life magazine, my letter will be on the embarrassing moments part. This is not the first one they've had from me, so don't worry if you get into some funny situations, write about them, and send them to That's Life.

The first one I sent in was quite rude, and Alan was hoping nobody realised it was me. Enough said on that, other than to say it created a bit of a buzz among my followers at the time. And lost me one or two as well, who were shocked...

If you'd like to read my serial story set in Redington, have a look here. Creative Frontiers...

From Monday 19th May through to Friday 23rd May.

There's also a competition to enter on there, it's free, so have a go, I will.

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  1. Loving your new wordpress site! And huge congrats with your That's Life letter! Now I'm wondering what that rude first letter was all about..! :-) Take care