Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hi Bloggers.

Hello Bloggers, I'm updating my wordpress blog, and on there is a link to here. Now I see that it's been a year since I popped over, so just to let you know I'm still here.

This is my drink of the day. Spirulina smoothie, and I thought it was going to be awful, see the other blog.
The other blog

Thing is, it's not too bad at all, infact it's like slipping into a Terry Pratchett novel, sipping away at green froth at mid-day. I add half a banana, couple of strawberries, just over half a teaspoon (it was half yesterday, so I'm getting slightly more risky each day) soya yoghurt and soya milk. I actually like it which is surprising.

On Monday 18th May, you can read my latest serial set in the fictional village of Redington in North Norfolk. It's called operation bric-a-brac. Published on Creative Frontiers, I'll post a link here when it's posted.


  1. I'm still not convinced that I'd like spirulina, but it seems to be doing you a power of good.

  2. When you get used to it, Julia, and you know how much fitter and trimmer you are, you'll love it.

  3. Nothing like sipping the green :-)