Saturday, 17 May 2014

Having trouble getting on to my own blog with wordpress, so not sure what's going on.
I had the same problem last year. Seems like lots of people are the same, so it isn't only me.
The telephone and all other broadband is alright as well. Suppose it'll sort itself out, in the meantime,
I have this blog, so ner ner ne ner ner wordpress.
Look at this clematis... it's called Malaya Garnet, and it's stunning rambling through the greenery.

These graceful aqueliga flowers are a riot of purples and pinks.
That's what they say in the novels isn't it:)
Following on with the purple and pinks, this is our new patch of garden. Can you spot the gnome with his acorns in the picture. He's keeping a watch out. Not sure what for, but he is.
The bottom photo is another angle of the new patch. There's Romeo and Juliet, and a fairy in the corner. It's our meditation patch, with lavender there in the front of the picture. I'm aiming for plants and flowers that will expand and establish, so I only have to hoe round them. All for easiness, and giving me more time for writing.

Speaking of which, off to do some of that now.
Enjoy the sunshine.


  1. I have clematis Nelly Moser and Dr Ruppel - your Malaya Garnet looks like a cross between the two (although it probably isn't)

  2. Have you got pictures Patsy? I liked the name of it, and it's so robust. It appears as if by magic on a sunny day in May!