Sunday, 20 February 2011

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft
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The Dictionary Game.
 Mom and Dad worked on the market when I was a child.  If it was frosty and cold, me and my Sister would go to Gran's.  She lived a few streets away and would always have a coal fire burning, warm apple pie in the oven and lots of fun and games for keeping us entertained.
One of my favourites was the 'dictionary game.'  Gran would get us to look in the dictionary, find a word we didn't know; learn it, write it down.  Then make up a sentence with that word in.  When we had five words each, we would then make up a story using all of these words. 
She constantly sent stories of to 'Revellie' newspaper.  When I am in-between writing, or just a bit stuck, I still play 'dictionary game.'  I love learning new words, and when I read a story in 'My Weekly', 'Take a Break' or other of my favourite magazines, it's great to find a word I've not heard before, then it's out with the dictionary so that I can use it myself next time I write.


  1. I love learning new words too. I have Oxford English Dictionary with spoken pronunciations on my computer to help me with my writing. I'm dyslectic so it's a great help to know if I have the right word by its sound too.

  2. Sounds good Jarmara. I love to use those new words. Funny how, when a new one is learned that you seem to hear it all the time. Must be that we don't tune in to words we aren't familiar with.