Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Top 75

I recently acquired this little badge from the, lots of other writer people had them as well, the top one was Miss Snark, with Liz Fielding second.  Now I'm off to type up some more stories for the Creative Cafe website here.
 Welcome to my new blog followers.
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When creating characters, picture them in your mind before you write them down.  Colour of their hair, features, personality.  Are they tall, thin, chubby?  Think up some extreme situations; something exciting, frightening, hillariously funny.  See how your character reacts to this event.  Make sure you know them inside out before you get into the story.  Knowing your character will bring them alive, and give you a better chance of writing them as interesting people who will move the story forward, and make readers want to read more.


  1. I don't do it like that - I get to know them by writing the story, then edit to ensure my character stays in character! (You're method is waaaay more sensible and organised)

  2. Ha, Patsy, you're the expert, I'm being to sensible for my own good. Can't you tell I've read too many books on 'how to' rather than getting on with it. I spend so much time thinking about my characters, I even google them to see if they exist in real life, which they do.... Thanks for commenting.