Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Grumpy pansy

Here is a picture of a grumpy old pansy at the bottom of our garden.  He didn't like having his picture taken, so he'll be most annoyed at being posted onto my blog. 

Reading another P.G. Wodehouse story.  Summer Lightening.  It's very funny, and is set at Blanding's Castle. 

I am proud to have my photograph of sunflowers on 'Acumen' website.  When you took out a subscription to the magazine, at the beginning of the year, it included a free pack of seeds from Sutton's of Torquay.  They've grown into giants of great beauty.  You can see it here.

Here is my poem, Greenhouse Wars.  Just for fun....

Greenhouse Wars

Winding round the wigwam canes, vines and leaves entwine.

Tomato plants with fruit on, coming along fine.

Derek swears he’s eating his, I don’t believe a word,

Unless they eat them green and that’s just absurd.

Keith on the allotment has eaten small green beans,

Small as in minute I think is what he means.

Pat and Maurice cut cucumbers last weekend,

So did I, but I won’t pretend It was the biggest, tasty all the same.

Now aubergines and chillies vie for breathing space,

Along with lettuce, basil and cabbage,

Tomatoes take priority now, as they’re the nicest to eat,

Potted marigolds deter the flies,

Resident toad eats the ground level pests.

Giant sunflowers wafting in the wind, standing guard,

Like majestic queens regally swaying on our back- yard.

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