Thursday, 15 July 2010

No more burps.

No more burps.

If you love cucumbers, but suffer from the after effect of burping all afternoon, then you will love the variety of ‘burp less.’

While browsing through the seeds at Dobbie’s Garden Centre earlier this year, I came across a variety that I hadn’t heard of before. I took home the seeds, and planted them in a tray of compost then watered them in, and placed them on the shelf in the greenhouse.

In no time at all twelve shoots appeared. I gave them a sprinkling of water each evening, and as they increased in size, they were re-planted into larger pots. Several weeks on into the season, I was able to plant two of the cucumbers into full sized containers. One is on the yard, and the other in the greenhouse, to see which grows best. The instructions on the packet say, ‘indoors or outdoors.’ I’ve tried both to see which works best.

There were more cucumbers than we needed, so when we went to the car boot, the ‘burp less’ cucumbers were sold on at a pound each.

So far both plants are full of bushy green leaves, full of yellow flowers, and covered in baby cucumbers. The proof will be in the eating though.

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