Sunday, 24 October 2010

Writelinkers magazine are looking for submissions for the Christmas magazine.  You need to be a writer member to contribute.

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Here is my non fiction article that I've sent in to the editors.  Good luck to everyone who has a go.

Nostalgic non-fiction for Write- linker’s magazine.

The School Nativity.

I never liked school, but it wasn’t so bad when we were given bright coloured paper and glue; that gooey white copydex with a big gungey brush attached to the bottle. There was something satisfying about cutting shiny paper up into strips then gluing them into a paper chain. I loved the competitive spirit involved finding out whose group had made the longest chain. The same shiny paper was made into Chinese lanterns of red and green, with gold triangles for windows that looked as if a light was shining inside. These activities enthralled me.

A day of creating Christmas decorations, including shining crowns for Kings, tinsel halo’s for the angels, and painting a crib for baby Jesus, co-incided with it being my turn to look after the classroom hamster. How exciting can an eight year olds life get? To this day, I can’t figure out how the shyest girl in the class got to play Mary in the nativity. Perhaps it was teacher’s plan to get me out of the background. As it happened, my secret boyfriend, secret as (in my head) was chosen to be Joseph. Schooldays just got better. Having the boy of my dreams holding his arm tightly round me in-front of the whole school, and the parents was pure heaven. All I remember was a great big “Ahhh.” Other than that I only heard angels singing and bells ringing.

From then on I felt more confident at school, as if I was somebody that mattered. Late in life, I watched my eldest son being Joseph. He walked down the aisle, clinging tightly to his ‘Mary’. Shepherds with tea-cloths tied with rope, Kings wearing shining crowns stuck together with copydex, angels adorned in tinsel. The words of, “Oh little town of Bethlehem.” Ringing around the hall, this is what makes Christmas special. Nothing touches the soul like the school nativity. This for me is the true meaning of Christmas.

Please alter or edit as needed.

Thank you.

Susan Jones.

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